Never mind a pony. The Tucker girls have inherited their father’s horse farm for Christmas. Make that . . . a run-down horse farm. It needs some serious TLC in order to make it sell-ready.

Joanna knows that by recruiting her sisters and one handsome ranch hand they can fix up the place and even celebrate one last Christmas while they’re at it.

But to Isabella, returning to their home in Kentucky bluegrass country for Christmas seems like an impossible hurdle. Can her Chicago boyfriend make life merry and bright again?

One thing’s for sure—nothing is peace on earth for Sophia as a new beau brings up old wounds.

And when the fate of the horse farm is put in jeopardy because Amy accidentally fraternizes with the enemy, tensions rise. But it’s not like the land developer stole Christmas   . . . just her heart.

Can the Tucker sisters have themselves a merry little Christmas?


  Praise for

Sleigh Bells Ring

Santa Claus is coming to town,

​and so are the Tucker sisters.

Barbara J. Scott


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"Many waters cannot quench love;
rivers cannot wash it away."
Song of Solomon 8:7

Sleigh Bells Ring

by Barbara J. Scott,

Sandra D. Bricker,

Lynette Sowell,

and Lenora Worth

Romantic Times

Top Pick - 4-1/2 Stars

These four authors pull together compelling and charming stories of four very different sisters on the verge of important decisions, giving readers a hopeful and sweetly romantic reinforcement of the power of family, prayer and faith. Each novella moves through lighthearted moments as well as introspective ones, offering a balance that maintains interest while taking the family issues seriously. This collection is sure to please readers during the holiday season and beyond.

(GILEAD, Oct. 2016, 266 pp., $15.99)Reviewed by: Kerry Sutherland

Momma on the Rocks. com

​Sleigh Bells Ring review

There is nothing as impressive to me as when four different authors get together to collaborate on a book, and each can pick up the thread along with characters’ personalities so flawlessly to weld together their own novellas so seamlessly! Each author wove a story around a different Tucker sister – each with their own reason for not returning to the family ranch, and each with their own conflict with their deceased father.  In each story, a new relationship is built or strengthened while the one they hold with the father is confronted, but each sister has her own distinct personality.

While the setting is at Christmastime, these stories are perfect reading year round. They carry a strong message of discovering or re-discovering one’s faith, of the strength and connection of family, and of the power of forgiveness.

Contemporary Christian romance that is sweet and clean, it will have you heating up cocoa with marshmallows, cozying up in a favorite chair, and have you dreaming of holidays memories of your own!  These stories are a great way to kick off the holidays!

5-Star Review

Whenever You Need a Little Bit of Christmas, February 8, 2017
By A. E. Arndt
Verified Purchase
This review is from: Sleigh Bells Ring: Four Contemporary Romance Novellas (Kindle Edition)

A lovely romance series for Christmas from four talented authors. Four lovely short stories about four sisters who came home for Christmas. If you believe Christmas is a time for family and romance, this is the book for you! And if you are so busy, you don't have time to read a full-length novel, then these four stories will fill in the gaps at lunch, winding down after supper, before bedtime. The perfect Christmas romance read.